Samoa Lubricants

Samoa Ltd. was established in 1987 as a distribution and marketing company for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Initially a manufacturer of grease nipples and lever grease guns, Samoa has evolved to become one of the worlds leading manufacturers of lubrication equipment

While keeping in its manufacturing program the products with which Samoa started its activities, new products have been developed and added to the Samoa range establishing Samoa is one of the largest manufacturers with the widest product program developed and manufactured in its own factories.

Samoa products are present in more than 75 countries through a selected network of distributors.

Samoa Ltd (UK) offers training at our UK site or on location covering a vast range of products from Lubrication Equipment Training to Installation and Operation of Oil Monitoring Equipment plus much more.

All products are manufactured and assembled at one of Samoa's SA factories. Latest design and technology equipment enabling Samoa to keep up to date with market demands.

£85.00 (£102.00 inc VAT)
High pressure steel pumps to be mounted directly onto original grease kegs. Maximumpressure: 350 bar (5000 psi). Delivery per stroke 2 c.c.Pump equipped...
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£19.50 (£23.40 inc VAT)
20 Ltr, 25 Ltr
25 Ltr Polypropylene lift pump with 500 mm down tube. Suitable to be used with 20 & 25 litre tin plate & plastic drums using the included...
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£29.50 (£35.40 inc VAT)
Steel Lever action drum pump for the transfer of light lubricants and other non corrosive fluids from 60 to 205 litre drums. Steel pump body, delivery spout...
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£302.50 (£363.00 inc VAT)

Designed to be a highly mobile solution when responding to a spill or a leak. Contains everything needed to absorb up to 210 litres of fluid. These kits can be moved to the affected area by a single person enabling a quick and responsive method of dealing with an emergency spill

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£99.50 (£119.40 inc VAT)
108 501 Centralised greasing unit filler pump for 12, 18 kg kegs Medium pressure lever action pump with 1.5 m hose and a 2-HK (1/4") hydraulic...
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£35.00 (£42.00 inc VAT)
500 cc pistol grip grease pump Pistol grip grease pump for hard to reach lubrication points. Three way loading: 400 gr (14 Oz cartridges), bulk grease...
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£18.00 (£21.60 inc VAT)
500 CC Oil Suction Gun For lubricant suction and discharge for loading or refilling transmissions, gear boxes, filters, etc. 113 710 Oil suction...
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£6.95 (£8.34 inc VAT)
Polyethylene/metal bodied oil cans, with lever action and armoured flexible spout.
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£12.50 (£15.00 inc VAT)
Fit 60 to 205 litre drums placed horizontally. 318-000 - Metal 3/4" BSP. (This tap includes an automatic shut off valve). 318-001 - Metal...
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£149.50 (£179.40 inc VAT)
For dispensing high viscosity lubricants. Includes a medium pressure lever action pump (100 cc delivery per stroke) with a 1.5 m rubber hose with shut off...
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£19.50 (£23.40 inc VAT)
Individually boxed, grease pump includes filler valve and rigid stem with a four jaw hydraulic type connector.
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£245.00 (£294.00 inc VAT)
Double acting air operated pumps for high pressure greasing. Recommended use in mobile units and single point dispensing units when the hose reel is...
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£52.50 (£63.00 inc VAT)
Eliminates air pockets and aids pump prime. Rubber flange minimizes waste. With handle for easy removal from empty drums. *Please allow 7 - 10...
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£385.00 (£462.00 inc VAT)
Includes: PumpMaster 3 - 55:1 grease pump, h= 725 mm with bung adaptor. (For PumpMaster unit only click on link here ) 405 mm drum cover...
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