Morris Ring Free MXC 15w-40

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Ring Free MXC 15w-40

Ring Free MXC 15W-40 is a mixed fleet diesel and petrol engine oil, formulated for operators demanding extended oil drain intervals without compromising component protection.  Ring Free MXC 15W-40 has high levels of detergency and dispersancy to reduce combustion chamber deposits and ring sticking, as well as protecting from wear, rust and corrosion.  Outstanding soot and sludge control helps to maintain component integrity and engine efficiency.

Ring Free MXC 15W-40 is recommended for a wide range of diesel engines used in a variety of market sectors.  These include commercial vehicles, buses, coaches, agricultural, construction and plant equipment.  May also be used in transmissions, hydraulic systems, PTOs, compressors, etc. where a product of this type and specification is required.



Key Features 
• High levels of Component Cleanliness
• Outstanding Soot and Sludge Control
• Improved Anti-wear protection
• Inventory rationalisation opportunities

Performance Levels
See technical data sheet.

Fluid Base / Additives:
  • Mineral
  • 25 Ltr