Morris Lodexol XFS 75W-90

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Lodexol XFS 75W-90 is a fully synthetic gear oil that has been formulated with high levels of extreme
pressure (EP) additives and friction modifiers to protect the critical mechanisms of limited slip
differentials. In addition to high load carrying capability, Lodexol XFS 75W-90 will protect against rust
and corrosion and has a low foaming tendency. Shock loading occurs when one of the driven wheels
looses traction and the differential locks redistributing the drive equally. Standard API GL5 gear oils
are unable to cope with this extreme condition and therefore it necessary to use a proper limited slip
differential oil to promote long component life.

• High shock load protection
• High temperature performance
• Limited slip differentials
• Transaxles
• Road vehicles or motorsport

Lodexol XFS 75W-90 is based on synthetic oil technology and will protect limited slip differentials fitted
to high performance cars and motorsport models. Additionally this grade may be used in various other
automotive drive axles, where a SAE 75W/90, API GL5 lubricant is required.

Performance Levels
See technical data sheet.