Morris Duplex CDX 15W-40 Engine Oil

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Morris Duplex CDX 15W-40

Engine Oil

Morris Duplex CDX 15W-40 is a mixed fleet lubricant, incorporating high quality minerals oils and performance additives, suitable for use in a wide variety of diesel and petrol engine designs, including turbocharged versions. This grade will protect engine components from rust and corrosion and provide high levels of engine cleanliness, even in extended oil drain applications.


Duplex CDX 15W-40 can be used in a range of vehicle and engine types, including commercial vehicles, buses, coaches, cars and vans, plant, construction and agricultural machinery. Duplex CDX 15W-40 may also be used in transmissions, hydraulic systems, PTOs, compressors, etc. where a product of this type and specification is required.

Performance Levels

API CG-4 / CF / SL / SJ

Mercedes Benz 229.1 & 228.1

MAN 271. / Mack EO-L.

Volvo VDS2. / VW 505.00 / Allison C4.

BR 669 (Multi-grade Crankcase Oil 15W-40)

Physical Characteristics

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  • Mixed Fleet Engine oil
Fluid Base / Additives:
  • Mineral
Product Type:
  • 4 Stroke Oil
  • Engine Oil
  • 25 Ltr