Morris Alto 460 Machine Oil

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Alto 460 Machine Oil

The Alto range of machine oils contain anti-rust and antioxidant additives (R&O) that are blended into high quality mineral oils that possess good natural lubricating properties enhanced by modern refining techniques. They have good viscosity indices and separate from water cleanly and quickly.

Alto Machine Oils are a versatile range of oils that can be used wherever a straight mineral oil with modest additive treatment has been specified. Particularly recommended for industrial use in enclosed and circulating systems, oil baths, automatic lubricators, wick oilers, spray, splash and mist lubricators and all oil-lubricated bearings, machine tool headstocks, enclosed gearboxes and vacuum pumps. These oils are also suitable for all general lubrication uses and oilcan applications.
Alto 460, 680 and 1000 can also be used as steam cylinder oils when condensate recovery is required.
Alto 460 has exceptional demulsification properties and this grade is recommended in lightly loaded engines when steam condensation needs to be recovered.
In engines where high temperature superheated steam over 550oF (288oC) is used, the more viscous Alto 1000 oil is recommended. Please refer to the selection chart for other applications.
Important Note: The Alto Range must be used for all steam engines using wet or dry steam, in preference over compounded product if the steam is being recovered, and used as a boiler or process feed.

Performance Levels
See technical data sheet.

Fluid Base / Additives:
  • Mineral
Product Type:
  • Machine Oil
  • 25 Ltr