Petro Canada Duratac 150 Chain Oil

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DURATAC™ CHAIN OILS ISO VG 32, 68, 100, & 150


Petro-Canada Duratac Chain Oils are formulated specifically for lubricating the chains, guide bars, journal bearings and sprockets of modern high-speed chain saws.
Duratac Oils are an economical, tacky, “once through” line of lubricants. They are formulated to reduce dripping and “throw-off” by their adhesive and stringy nature.
In addition, Petro-Canada Duratac Chain Oils may be used for general machine lubrication where a tacky, non-drip oil is required, or where water wash-off of the lubricant is a problem.

Features and Benefits

• Duratac oils are formulated as ‘once through’ lubricants
• Tacky and stringy nature reduces oil consumption
• Minimizes wear
Excellent metal wetting ability
• Complete oil coverage of guide bar, chain and groove
• Penetrates all linkage points
• Extends saw chain life
Long-term rust and corrosion protections
• Protect the chain and bar from rusting
Improved anti-wear protection
• Helps to prevent damaging metal-tometal contact between chains, guide bars and drive sprockets
• Increases chain and guide bar service life
Reduces dripping and throw off
• Duratac is specially formulated to adhere to chains or for use in journal bearings. As a result of their stringy nature, “throw-off” is reduced, minimizing clean up and waste
Adheres strongly to all saw parts
• Resists being thrown off saw chains
• Strong water resistance
• Gives improved lubrication
• Reduces oil consumption


Duratac Chain Oils 32, 68, 100 and 150 oils are intended for use in:
• Hand oiling of log chains in sawmills
• Chain saw bar and chain lubrication
• Slow speed and / or leaky journal bearings
• Guide bars and sprockets
Duratac Chain Oil 32 (dyed red) is formulated for use in the winter and early spring months. A Pour Point of -42°C / -44°F permits it to be used at extremely low temperature. Besides lubricating saw chains, Duratac Chain Oil 32 is also recommended as an air filter coating where a tacky product is required for dust removal.

Duratac Chain Oil 150 (dyed red) is formulated for use in warmer seasons. In addition to lubricating saw chains, Duratac Chain Oil 150 may also be used where a tacky, non-drip oil is required to lubricate machinery such as conveyor chains, drive chains, conveyor bearings and open gears.

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS_Duratac_chain_oils.pdf, 403 Kb) [Download]

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS_Duratac_150_chain.pdf, 120 Kb) [Download]