Neat Oils

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Suitable for wide range of metals, Based on severely refined mineral oil for optimum health and safety, Contains anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion additives, Mineral, Cutting Oil, 25 Ltr

A light coloured medium viscosity neat cutting oil, designed for general purpose light duty machining operations.

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Mineral Oil Free, Fully Synthetic, 25 Ltr

A fully synthetic (mineral oil free) metalforming fluid with very high lubricity. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and metals.

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Synthetic EP lubricity package, Effective on severe applications, Outstanding resistance to oxidation, Solvent refined mineral oil, Non active EP additives, Mineral, Cutting Oil, 25 Ltr

A high performance neat cutting oil specifically developed for use on severe applications.

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Non staining, Extreme Pressure, Low Odour, Low Mist, Mineral, Cutting Oil, 25 Ltr, 205 Ltr

Morris Cora B is suited to general machining operations on ferrous metals up to medium tensile steels and non-ferrous metals. The additive system ensures improved surface finish and tool life whilst remaining non-staining to copper and its alloys.

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Mineral, Cutting Oil, 25 Ltr
Recommended for a wide range of operations, especially those of a more arduous nature involving hardened steels and hardened non-ferrous alloys. High levels of extreme pressure and lubricity additives help reduce tool wear and tool breakages whilst improving surface finishes. The low viscosity ensures the product has excellent penetration, particularly important in tapping and deep hole drilling applications
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Chlorine Free, Sulphur Free, Phosphorus free, Semi-Synthetic, Cutting Oil, 25 Ltr

Faracut HS3 is a highly refined cutting oil with special lubricity additives to enhance cutting without the use of Chlorine, Sulphur or Phosphorus

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Extreme Pressure, Mineral, Cutting Oil, 25 Ltr
A neat cutting oil with high levels of active sulphurised fat and chlorine EP additives, making it suitable for a variety of medium to heavy duty machining operations on ferrous metals. Particularly suited to thread rolling and gear cutting on medium to high tensile steels.
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205 Ltr, 25 Ltr
Marcia DE is a heavy duty neat cutting oil containing high levels of extreme pressure additives. These along with the excellent lubricity provided by sulphurised esters and other lubricity additives ensures a high performance in many arduous applications involving ferrous feedstocks, high alloyed steels, high tensile steels and stainless steels. Marcia DE is formulated to ensure excellent surface

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Extreme Pressure, Low Viscosity, Low Mist, High Lubricity, Active Sulfur, 25 Ltr

Specially selected base oils and additives ensure a low misting potential in use, whilst also ensuring excellent flushing of honing stones and excellent swarf separation. Marcia H may also be utilised in a number of  light to medium duty applications involving free cutting ferrous alloys.

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25 Ltr

Contains high levels of extreme pressure and lubricity additives thereby making it suitable for many arduous applications on hardened ferrous metals, high alloy steels and stainless. Despite its high EP loading Marcia T is a light coloured, low odour product, and hence has better operator acceptability than traditional products based on sulphurised fats.The high levels of EP and lubricity additives

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