Premier-Cut C3 Neat Cutting Fluid

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Premier-Cut C3

High Perfomance Neat Cutting Fluid

A high performance neat cutting oil specifically developed for use on severe applications.

Premier C3 Cutting Oil exhibits the following outstanding features.

1. Based on solvent refined mineral oil thus optimising operator acceptability and minimising health and safety problems.
2. Based on a synthetic EP- lubricity package found to be particularly effective on severe applications such as gear cutting of stainless steel.
3. Contains EP additives of the non-active type, thus keeping the staining of non- ferrous metals to a minimum.
4. This product exhibits outstanding resistance to oxidation, thus ensuring long life.

Technical Data

See Data Sheet

  • Effective on severe applications
  • Non active EP additives
  • Outstanding resistance to oxidation
  • Solvent refined mineral oil
  • Synthetic EP lubricity package
Fluid Base / Additives:
  • Mineral
Product Type:
  • Cutting Oil
  • 25 Ltr

Technical Data Sheet (C3_Cutting_Oil.pdf, 88 Kb) [Download]

Material Safety Data (C3_Neat_Cutting_Oil_SDS.pdf, 69 Kb) [Download]