Morris Suspension 15 WT Fork Oil

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Suspension 15 WT Fork Oil

Fork Oils are made from selected high quality mineral oils and performance additives, ensuring compatibility with all seals and other fork components. High Viscosity Index ensures smooth predictable damping over a wide temperature range

Fork Oils have the following features:

1. Outstanding low temperature performance
2. Cold start fluidity and high temperature performance
3. Long stable Oil Life
4. Excellent Filterability
5. Compatible with all Bronze and Steel system parts
6. Latest anti-wear and EP technology
7. Good thermal stability
8. Miscible and fully compatible with mineral Fork Oils.
9. Strong rust prevention, even in the presence of seawater

Recommended for the front forks on all motorcycles where grades of this type are specifired. For normal road use the viscosity grade recommended in the manufacturer’s handbook should be adhered to.

DIN 51524 Part II, Denison HF-O (T6C-020), HF-2 and HF-1.

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