Premier Extra X 15w-40 Engine Oil

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Premier EXTRA-X 15W-40 Engine oil.

This is an extremely high performance long life diesel engine oil. The API ACEA classification allows 100,000 kms between oil changes.

Performance Levels

API: CI-4 / SL                                                    • Volvo: VDS-3

•ACEA: E2-E7                                                     •Mercedes-Benz: 228.3 & 229.1

•Allison: C4                                                         •Mack: EO-M +

•Caterpillar: EFC-1a, ECF2                           •DAF: ACEA: E2-E7

•Cummins: CES 20076/77/78                     Renault: RVI, RLD-2

•MAN: 3275                                                        Jaso: DHD-1


•Fulfils the requirements of the EU Euro 5 emissions standards for Trucks & Buses.

•Suitable for SCR & EGR systems, not for DPF. • Long-life maximises engine durability.

Extended intervals between oil changes, up to 100,000 kms •improved performance under all conditions, increased engine protection and low volatility.

Typical Data

SAE 15W-40

Specific Gravity @ 15.6°C 0.870

Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C cSt 14.94

                              @ 40°C cSt 107.12

Viscosity Index 140

Sulphated Ash, wt % 1.22

Pour Point °C -33

Flash Point (COC °C) 209

TBN (mg KOH/gram) 11.2

Figures based on average production values.

Fluid Base / Additives:
  • Mineral
  • 20 Ltr
  • 5 Ltr

Technical Data Sheet (Premier_Extra_15W40.pdf, 40 Kb) [Download]

Material Safety Data Sheet (Premier_X_15W-40_-_SDS21883_-_English.pdf, 124 Kb) [Download]