Food Grade Grease

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Grease, NLGI 2, Food Safe, WFG075 - 12.5 Kilo


K968 is a premium quality, water resistant grease for use in food processing environments where incidental food contact may occur.

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Grease, Multi Purpose, High degree of water resistance, NLGI 2, NSF H1 Registered, Food Safe, Non Toxic, 380 gm, 12.5 Kg, FSW380 - 380 gm

FSW Grease is a high quality, all round performing, white food machinery grease.

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17 Kg, 400 gm, NSF H1 Registered, Food Safe, PFGSYN2C30 - 400gm

Petro-Canada’s PURITY™ FG2 SYNTHETIC Grease is an advanced food grade grease specially formulated for the toughest food processing applications. Its advanced chemistry provides outstanding protection against wear and water washout, over a wide range of operating temperatures.
PURITY FG2 SYNTHETIC Grease also meets the highest food industry safety standards and fits perfectly in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) plans.

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Nevastane XS 320 - 400 Grams, calcium sulfonate complex grease, NSF H1 Registered, Food Safe, Grease, 50 KG, 12 x 400gm, 400 gm

NEVASTANE XS 320 is an extreme pressure grease dedicated to the lubrication in food industry under very severe conditions: water, high load, high temperature, dust…

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Nevastane XMF 2 - 375 Grams, Aluminium Complex Grease, Grease, 12 x 375 gm, 375 gm

NEVASTANE XMF greases are recommended for the lubrification of food and beverage processing machinery operating under severe conditions such as loaded gears and bearings, seamers, filling machines, conveyors, mixers.

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Nevastane XS 80 - 400 Grams, calcium sulfonate complex grease, Grease, 24 x 400 gm, 400 gm

NEVASTANE XS 80 is an EP multi purpose grease, recommended for various applications in the food and food related industry operating under severe conditions (high load, high temperature, water, dust).