Search Guide

Need help finding a product?

If you are really struggling to find what you want, we are happy to take a call from you on 01782 410381 or email us on [email protected] or take a look through these guide notes for help in phrasing your search correctly

Category search

If the search box is not giving the results you are looking for, try scrolling through the categories!

These will break down the products into there relevant sector, i.e. Industrial, Automotive, Marine.

From there the subcategories will break down into specific product groups, i.e. Hydraulic oils, Engine oils & gear oils. These should get you closer to the type of product you need.

The Search Box

The search box will give varied results related to specific words in product descriptions or Keywords inputted by us.

Lubricant Brand Search

If you are searching for a specific brand of oil, for example Shell, Gulf, Mobil or Texaco then the search box may not find it for you if it is not one of the brands that we normally supply. However, we may be able to source it for you or offer an equivalent in an alternative brand! Contact us with the details for a recommendation Tel: 01782 410381 or [email protected]

Vehicle or equipment search

If you are searching for products to suit a particular vehicle or piece of equipment, you can use this Product Finder Application powered by Morris Lubricants called What oil? This can search by vehicle registration plate on the VRM Search or by vehicle / equipment Make & Model No. on the Keyword & Category Search. Results are given in Morris Lubricants Brands which you can then type into our site search by name or code supplied. Give it a go! Click on the What oil link above.

Data Sheets

If you are looking for Technical data sheets or Material Safety Data Sheets, these will be on the relevant product page. Find the product first, the data sheets will be on the grey band under the pack options or on the Attachments Tab.