2 Stroke Engine Oils

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Mineral, Ashless Formulation, High Performance, Marine Two Stroke, 1 Ltr, 25 Ltr, AQU 001 - 1 Ltr

Aqua Max 2 is approved by the NMMA to TC-W3&trade and has been developed to meet the need for a specialised ash free outboard motor oil for today’s high powered multi-cylinder two cycle engines. The ashless formulation provides an excellent lubricating film that leads to improved engine performance and reduced wear for engine components even if temporary overheating occurs. Aqua Max 2 provides

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Mineral, Low Ash, 2 Stroke Oil, Diesel Engine Oil, 25 Ltr, DDF 025 - 25 Ltr

Ring Free DD 40 is a high quality low ash engine oil designed for use in 2-stroke diesel engines.  This grade has excellent detergency/dispersancy characteristics, resistance to oxidation and good thermal stability.  Ring Free DD 40 will also protect engine components from rust and corrosion. This oil is the outcome of extensive research, development and testing and is particularly recommended

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