Ask The Experts

Premier Fuels and Lubricants have built a reputation for offering advice and technical support from personnel with over 60 years experience within the oil industry. Apart from supplying 'off the shelf' products, we are able to produce tailor-made lubricants of specific requirements.

Case Study

A Stoke-on-Trent company manufacturing kiln furniture was faced with an environmental issue. During manufacture it was found that sulphur emissions were polluting local housing. The HSE became involved and a solution had to be found. Premier Fuels and Lubricants were approached, and with the assistance of our specialist lubricant supplier, we were able to produce a sulphur free product. The outcome satisfied the HSE and local residents, as well as saving the customer becoming involved in a costly change to their plant.

Premier Fuels and Lubricants can also offer an oil sampling service, enabling you to obtain the best possible results from both the lubricant and the machine. We can offer a solution to any oil related issue.

If you require help in selecting the correct grade of oil please contact us.

Our recommendations are made with great care and deliberation based on extensive research. Every recommendation is based on the vehicle or component manufacturer's specification to ensure maximum reliability and performance.