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Calcium, Lithium , 400 gm, 12.5 Kg

Premium Blue lithium / calcium base grease is an extremely sophisticated lithium / calcium base grease which incorporates modern polymer technology. This advanced grease has a high level of water tolerance, mechanical stability and adherence. has exceptional load carrying ability and will cope with constant high levels of loads and shock loading. Its wide application temperature range makes

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Lithium Complex, Grease, 50 ml, 400 gm, 12.5 Kg

K2 EP Lithium Complex Red Grease is a mineral oil based lithium complex soap thickened grease, containing performance additives. The additives provide extreme pressure (EP), oxidation, rust and corrosion protection, ensuring effective lubrication is achieved even under the most severe conditions. It has excellent sealing properties which help protect bearings against corrosive atmospheres and the ingress

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3 Kg

K6 is a premium quality, water resistance grease for use in industrial and marine applications where the presence of water and humid atmospheres can effect lubricating performance and be detrimental to the protection of parts from corrosion. K6 is further enhanced with a special additive which provides additional protection and lubrication in areas where excessive levels of water are prevalent such

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Lithium , Grease, 500 gm, 3 Kg, 400 gm, 12.5 Kg

This Lithium grease is highly recommended for all automotive use where a multipurpose grease is required for wheel bearings and chassis lubrication. This grease is particularly suited for the lubrication of construction and mining equipment such as bulldozers, scrapers, loading shovel and all off highway trucks where greased components are subjected to continuous heavy loads and shock loads.

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Lithium , Grease, 12.5 Kg, 400 gm, 3 Kg
These multipurpose Lithium based greases are prepared from highly refined mineral oil, with the addition of powerful sulphur phosphorus extreme pressure additives. This range of greases has exceptional mechanical stability, maintaining their consistency even after severe working. They are resistant to water washing, protect against rust and are non-corrosive to non-ferrous bearing metals and steel
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Extreme Pressure, Anti-wear, Mineral, Lithium , Molybdenum Disulphide, Grease, 500 gm, 12.5 Kg, 400 gm

K48 is specially formulated for use in industrial equipment, cars, vans, trucks and construction plant such as bulldozers, scrapers, loading shovels and dump trucks where it will give superior performance, in all industrial plain and rolling element bearings.

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Bentone, 500 gm

K76 is a premium quality biodegradable bentone thickened automotive grease designed to be fully compatible with all types of natural and synthetic rubber.  When in contact with rubber components, this grease will not cause cracking or undue swelling. K76 acts as an excellent lubricant between rubber components and steel or other metals. Due to the vegetable base oil the grease is resistant to

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500 gm, 3 Kg, 12.5 Kg

A lead free anti seize compound, made from high quality mineral oils, bentonite (clay) thickener and fine copper powder. Anti-seize properties enable this grease to work even if the joints become so compressed that most of the compound is squeezed out, or excessive temperature flashes off the oily part of the compound. A fine film of copper particles always remain in joints or threads to prevent seizure

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