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Highly refined solvent, Cleaning Fluid
Foam Filter Cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning motorcycle foam filters. It is a ready for use blue coloured emulsifiable fluid, blended from hydrocarbon solvents and a non-ionic detergent. The powerful degreasing action splits the bond between trapped dirt and oily matter, allowing the filter to be washed thoroughly clean with water. Foam Filter Cleaner is non-caustic and will not corrode
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1 Ltr
A super tacky foam filter treatment which effectively stops the ingress of sand, dirt and dust into the engine.
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Minimum quantity for "Morris Race Foam Filter Oil" is 1.

£16.44 (£19.73 inc VAT)
500 ml
SupercleanZero Lead 2005 Concentrate is a lead free fuel treatment, developed to protect against valve seat recession in 4-stroke engines designed to run on leaded petrol.It is a carefully balanced blend of potassium based organic compounds, that provide enhanced lubricity and wear protection previously attributed to leaded additives.The product does not increase particulate emissions or effect fuel
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Solvent free, Skin Care, 5 Ltr
MORRIS LUBRICANTS WORKSHOP PRO PREMIUM HAND CLEANSER Description Workshop Pro Premium Hand Cleanser is a concentrated hand cleaner produced with...
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£48.32 (£57.98 inc VAT)
5 Ltr

TYGRIS Brake Cleaner effectively removes oil, grease, dirt and dust from brakes and clutches, helping to eliminate brake squeal and clutch slip caused by glazing and contamination. This product can also be used on many other surfaces as a powerful cleaning agent, but not on plastic or rubber components.

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£21.20 (£25.44 inc VAT)
Cleaning Fluid, 25 Ltr, 5 Ltr

Workshop ProTraffic Film Remover is a unique combination of surface active agents, sequestrants and alkaline builders with the following features. Effective at higher dilutions. Easily and gently removes road dirt and grime. Ideal for hot or cold pressure wash machines. Effective in hard and soft waters. Contains rinse off additive. Biodegradable. Dyed blue for product identification. Safe on paint work, metal surfaces, glass and rubber. Does not contain ingredients which accelerate metal corrosion.

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£27.98 (£33.58 inc VAT)
25 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 205 Ltr

Lydian Degreaser is a ready for use, blue coloured emulsifiable fluid, manufactured from a mixture of hydrocarbon solvents and a non-ionic detergent.  This powerful degreasing formulation acts by splitting the bond between solid dirt and oily matter, so that the surface can then be washed clean with water.   It has an extremely effective cleaning action on all surfaces, even at low ambient

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£7.23 (£8.68 inc VAT)
Water Resistant, Corrosion Preventative, Corrosion Protective, Maintenance Product, 5 Ltr, 400 ml, 205 Ltr

When applied to wet parts the chemistry of MD-4 has a powerful attraction to the underlying surfaces and this completely displaces traces of water. Therefore this product is particularly useful as an engine damp start. If the aerosol pack is used, a short spray on to the affected parts will displace any wetness and prevent voltage breakdown, allowing the engine to be started again normally. MD-4 is

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£7.66 (£9.19 inc VAT)
Ethylene Glycol, 20 Ltr, 205 Ltr, 1 Ltr, 5 Ltr

Universal Anti-freeze will protect all engines from frost damage right down to -34oC and ice damage down to -50oC (at 50% of total coolant volume). It also provides outstanding protection against rust and corrosion for all parts of the cooling system and is therefore recommended for all year round use. This Ethylene Glycol based antifreeze, which meets the technical requirements of BS6580

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£27.23 (£32.68 inc VAT)
5 Ltr, 20 Ltr, 205 Ltr

Ultralife Red will protect all engines from frost damage right down to &ndash40oC (at 50% of total coolant volume). It also provides outstanding protection against rust and corrosion for all parts of the cooling system and is therefore recommended for all year round use. This Ethylene Glycol based antifreeze, which uses Organic Acid technology, is free from nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates and

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£4.32 (£5.18 inc VAT)
Lithium , Grease, 3 Kg, 500 gm, 400 gm, 12.5 Kg

This Lithium grease is highly recommended for all automotive use where a multipurpose grease is required for wheel bearings and chassis lubrication. This grease is particularly suited for the lubrication of construction and mining equipment such as bulldozers, scrapers, loading shovel and all off highway trucks where greased components are subjected to continuous heavy loads and shock loads.

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£5.45 (£6.54 inc VAT)
Lithium Complex, Grease, 400 gm, 50 ml, 12.5 Kg

K2 EP Lithium Complex Red Grease is a mineral oil based lithium complex soap thickened grease, containing performance additives. The additives provide extreme pressure (EP), oxidation, rust and corrosion protection, ensuring effective lubrication is achieved even under the most severe conditions. It has excellent sealing properties which help protect bearings against corrosive atmospheres and the ingress

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£12.13 (£14.56 inc VAT)
12.5 Kg, 3 Kg, 500 gm

A lead free anti seize compound, made from high quality mineral oils, bentonite (clay) thickener and fine copper powder. Anti-seize properties enable this grease to work even if the joints become so compressed that most of the compound is squeezed out, or excessive temperature flashes off the oily part of the compound. A fine film of copper particles always remain in joints or threads to prevent seizure

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£14.01 (£16.81 inc VAT)
Polyalkylene Glycol, Brake and Clutch Fluid, 5 Ltr, 1 Ltr

Morris Brake Fluid is made from high molecular weight polyalkylene glycol ethers and polyalkylene glycol ether borates, to give a high boiling point fluid of DOT 4 quality.

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£10.71 (£12.85 inc VAT)
Monopropylene Glycol, Coolant, Antifreeze, 1 Ltr
A ready to use, pre-mixed coolant with outstanding anti-freeze and anti-corrosion properties, Super Cool exhibits low toxicity and gives anti-freeze protection down to -33°C. It is designed for use as an all year round coolant to protect against corrosion and prevent the build-up of hard water salts and scale, so maintaining cooling system efficiency for up to 2 years
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£9.80 (£11.76 inc VAT)
Semi-Synthetic, Chain Lubricant, 400 ml

Workshop Pro Semi-synthetic Chain Lubricant is a specially formulated aerosol designed for the protection of chains used in a variety of applications.

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£11.14 (£13.37 inc VAT)
Fully Synthetic, Chain Lubricant, 400 ml

Fully Synthetic Chain Lube - protects chains from wear and corrosion. Initialy a thin free-flowing lubricant when sprayed it penetrates into vital inner pins and bushes of the chain links where it cushions against shock loading.

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£8.40 (£10.08 inc VAT)
Cleaning Fluid, 400 ml

Workshop Pro Solvent Degreaser is a ready for use, pink coloured emulsifiable fluid, manufactured from a highly refined hydrocarbon solvent and a non-ionic surfactant. It was originally developed for rapid de-waxing of car bodies. 

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£9.66 (£11.59 inc VAT)
Maintenance Product, 400 ml

Workshop PRO Anti-Seize is a lead and CFC free compound, made from solvent refined oil, Bentonite thickener and fine copper powder. The product is highly recommended as a thread lubricant on the external parts of all racing motorcycles, where rapid and trouble free disassembly by pit crews is a competitive essential.

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