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500 ml, ZER 500 - 500 ml
SupercleanZero Lead 2005 Concentrate is a lead free fuel treatment, developed to protect against valve seat recession in 4-stroke engines designed to run on leaded petrol.It is a carefully balanced blend of potassium based organic compounds, that provide enhanced lubricity and wear protection previously attributed to leaded additives.The product does not increase particulate emissions or effect fuel

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500 ml

Superclean Motortune is an advanced fuel additive designed to clean and maintain petrol engine fuel systems. Superclean Motortune can improve the overall running of old and new engines by reducing deposit build-up within carburettors and injectors. This product will combat corrosion in petrol tanks and fuel systems, de-coke combustion chambers, free sticking valves and clean manifolds and ports. Improved

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205 Ltr, 500 ml, 5 Ltr, 25 Ltr, MDD 500 - 500 ml

Superclean Morendo DD is a multifunctional diesel fuel additive that will improve ignition quality, combustion and storage of distillate fuels.

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5 Ltr

A solvent deposited, general purpose medium to long term rust preventative with water displacing properties. On drying, a thin grease film provides long term indoor protection or medium to long term outdoor protection dependent upon storage conditions. Application, preferably by dipping but spraying or brushing may also be employed. Removal is by hydrocarbon solvent or by use of a suitable alkaline

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Suspension Fluid, 5 Ltr
This is an aqueous hydraulic fluid specially developed for use in the pump up suspension systems of British Motor Company (BMC) and Austin Rover Group  (ARG)  front wheel drive cars.  Originally produced by Morris Lubricants over 30 years ago when hydro-elastic suspensions first appeared, this product has now been brought up to date using the latest formulations and materials. Today’s
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Mineral, Suspension Fluid, 1 Ltr

A high performance green mineral based brake and clutch, hydro-pneumatic suspension & hydraulic system oil. This grade is designed to protect against pump wear and provide good rates of flow throughout the system even in the most extreme temperatures. Should not be mixed with synthetic brake fluids.

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£37.70 (£45.24 inc VAT)
5 Ltr, 25 Ltr, 205 Ltr, LYD005 - 5 Ltr

Lydian Degreaser is recommended for removal of oil grease and dirt from metal, paintwork and concrete. Typical uses include cleaning used engines prior to overhaul, removing build-up on pipes and steelworks, cleaning concrete and brickwork. Many uses can be found in factories, yards and

compounds, where oil and grease build up is a problem, or perhaps even dangerous for vehicles and pedestrians. 

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Brake and Clutch Fluid, Polyalkylene Glycol, 5 Ltr, 1 Ltr, BRA 001 - 1 Ltr

Morris Brake Fluid is made from high molecular weight polyalkylene glycol ethers and polyalkylene glycol ether borates, to give a high boiling point fluid of DOT 4 quality.

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1 Ltr

Ankorsol is a specially formulated corrosion preventative particularly suited for protecting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion in water and/or glycol systems. Ankorsol provides lubricity to aid lubrication of pumps etc. whilst also helping to prevent furring or scaling of pipes. Its unique formulation ensures corrosion protection is possible at relatively low usage concentrations

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205 Ltr, 20 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 1 Ltr, Ethylene Glycol, ANT 001 - 1 Ltr

Universal Anti-freeze will protect all engines from frost damage right down to -34oC and ice damage down to -50oC (at 50% of total coolant volume). It also provides outstanding protection against rust and corrosion for all parts of the cooling system and is therefore recommended for all year round use. This Ethylene Glycol based antifreeze, which meets the technical requirements of BS6580

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£27.51 (£33.01 inc VAT)
Solvent free, Skin Care, 5 Ltr

Morris Workshop Pro Citrus Hand Gel is a powerful heavy-duty hand cleanser containing non environment polluting micro-particles for the effective removal of ingrained dirt, grease and grime. Free from petroleum derived solvents but designed to outperform traditional solvent based hand cleansers.

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Solvent free, Skin Care, 5 Ltr
MORRIS LUBRICANTS WORKSHOP PRO PREMIUM HAND CLEANSER Description Workshop Pro Premium Hand Cleanser is a concentrated hand cleaner produced with...
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Maintenance Product, Corrosion Protective, Corrosion Preventative, Water Resistant, 205 Ltr, 400 ml, 5 Ltr, MDF400 - 400 ml Aerosol

When applied to wet parts the chemistry of MD-4 has a powerful attraction to the underlying surfaces and this completely displaces traces of water. Therefore this product is particularly useful as an engine damp start. If the aerosol pack is used, a short spray on to the affected parts will displace any wetness and prevent voltage breakdown, allowing the engine to be started again normally. MD-4 is

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£10.58 (£12.70 inc VAT)
Semi-Synthetic, Chain Lubricant, 400 ml

Workshop Pro Semi-synthetic Chain Lubricant is a specially formulated aerosol designed for the protection of chains used in a variety of applications.

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Maintenance Product, 400 ml
It can also be used with great effect to restore tune to carburettors in situ, or with only partial dismantling, if these have become blocked stuck or dirty. This makes CARB CLEANER a vital part of any pit crew kit. When sprayed in to the air intake this product cleans all parts of the inlet system, carburettors, port areas and inlet valves. In these areas it is most effective in keeping vital parts
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£9.07 (£10.88 inc VAT)
Cleaning Fluid, 400 ml

Workshop Pro Solvent Degreaser is a ready for use, pink coloured emulsifiable fluid, manufactured from a highly refined hydrocarbon solvent and a non-ionic surfactant. It was originally developed for rapid de-waxing of car bodies. 

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£9.93 (£11.92 inc VAT)
Cleaning Fluid, 400 ml

A complex mixture of hydrocarbon and oxygenated solvents designed to clean and degrease all flat and irregular surfaces.

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Cleaning Fluid, 400 ml

Workshop Pro Surface Conditioner is a special blend of silicone, solvents and cleaners. It has been designed as a multipurpose product that cleans, restores and protects surfaces at the same time.

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£10.43 (£12.52 inc VAT)
400 ml, Maintenance Product, PSE400 - 400 ml

Workshop PRO Anti-Seize is a lead and CFC free compound, made from solvent refined oil, Bentonite thickener and fine copper powder. The product is highly recommended as a thread lubricant on the external parts of all racing motorcycles, where rapid and trouble free disassembly by pit crews is a competitive essential.

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