Grinding Fluids

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Nitrite free, Non Foaming, Excellent resistance to bacterial and fungal infection, Mineral Oil Free, Bio-stable, Grinding Oil, 25 Ltr, 5 Ltr

A nitrite-free, mineral oil free grinding fluid incorporating the latest biostable technology.

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Amine Free, Grinding Oil, 25 Ltr, 5 Ltr

Premier Lubricants Grindsol 495 Plus is a completely Amine free grinding fluid that forms a clear fluorescent solution.

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Nitrite free, Amine Free, Boron Free, Synthetic formulation, Grinding Oil, 25 Ltr

Hard metals such as tungsten carbide contain significant amounts of Cobalt in their make-up. It has been shown* that if released into the work place, Cobalt poses a health hazard to machine operators. If conventional synthetic grinding fluids are used to grind carbides, Cobalt is automatically released into the fluid and builds up to harmful levels. A specialist product is therefore required to prevent

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25 Ltr

Formulated for applications involving high removal rates of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Due to the unique formulation, this product combines properties which ensure extremely good flushing performance coupled with low foaming characteristics that allow the fluid to stay clear and clean.Supergrind MP is part of the new generation of grinding fluids which are nitrite, mineral oil, sulphur, chlorine

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25 Ltr

Supergrind Plus is a fully synthetic grinding fluid offering exceptional performance and extended sump life in most grinding operations. It is formulated using the latest technology and offers excellent corrosion protection, stable solutions, low foaming tendency, excellent fines separation and resistance to degradation by bacteria or fungi. The synthetic formulation also alleviates &ldquowheel glazing

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Fully Synthetic, Coolant, Grinding Oil, 25 Ltr

Supergrind SW is a fully synthetic water-mix grinding fluid that forms a true solution when diluted with water. Supergrind SW is formulated to have a very low foaming tendency, even when used with soft water. 

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Fully Synthetic, 25 Ltr

Through its exceptional balance of cooling and lubricating properties, it has the outstanding ability to produce ultra-fine surface finishes. The product may be used on all metal types with the exception of hard metal carbides, and is especially recommended for non-metals, composites and glasses.Supergrind Ultra is ideal for surface grinding and roll grinding and may be used for ultra high speed machining

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