Air Mist Cutting Fluids

Oils designed for application by air misting, for operation such as drilling, vertical milling,Tube Sawing, Routing, Reaming & Tapping 

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25 Ltr, Vegetable Oil, AOL 025 - 25 Ltr

Terralus AIR-O-LUBE is a pale amber liquid derived from natural vegetable oils blended with performance enhancing additives. It has low toxicity and is readily biodegradable. Terralus AIR-O-LUBE is a specially balanced formulation for use through metered mist air equipment to ensure economical lubricant utilisation and eliminates fluid loss associated with flood coolants. It has a high affinity to metal surfaces giving superior adhesion and on contact, the airborne droplets cling to minimise back scatter.

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Vegetable Oil, Biodegradable, Cutting Oil, 5 Ltr, 25 Ltr, AML 005 - 5 Ltr

A fully biodegradeable product developed specifically for metal cutting applications where the lubricant is applied by air-misting.

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