Morris Liquimatic Super ATF Transmission Fluid

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Morris Lubricants Liquimatic Super ATF Transmission Fluid

Liquimatic Super ATF is an automatic transmission fluid blended from high quality mineral oil, synthetic base fluids and a balanced additive system. This grade has superior performance in terms of frictional characteristics, seal compatibility, oxidation stability, low temperature fluidity and resistance to high temperatures encountered during severe operating conditions.


Liquimatic Super ATF is recommended for use in a range of applications, where a product of this quality is specified. Applications include: automatic transmissions, powershift transmissions, transaxles, torque converters, hydrostatic drives, fluid couplings, fluid clutches, transfer boxes, brake boosters, levelling systems, hydraulic systems, bogie lifts, cab tilt mechanisms, motorcycle suspension forks, etc.

DO NOT USE in automotive transmissions specifying Ford ESW-M2C33-F fluids (see Liquimatic 33G).

Performance Levels

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Product Type:
  • Transmission Fluid
  • 1 Ltr
  • 205 Ltr
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