Morris Terrain TBX Universal Transmission Fluid

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Morris Terrain TBX Universal Transmission Fluid


Terrain TBX is a specialised fluid formulated to cope with the severe demands of transmission
and oil immersed brake systems to fitted to off-highway, construction, plant and material
handling equipment.
Terrain TBX provides the highest level of protection for transmission and hydraulic system
components, ensuring long service life and operational efficiency, even under the toughest
shock load conditions. This product will also provide advanced frictional control, maximising oil
immersed / wet brake performance and eliminating “squawk and chatter”.
Superior rust and corrosion protection, will contribute to the maintenance of component
integrity in exposed and extreme environments.


Terrain TBX is recommended for use in a wide range of applications where an oil of this quality
is specified. Applications include: wet brake systems, powershift transmissions, mechanical
transmissions, transaxle/hydraulic systems, hydrostatic drives, torque converters, final drives,
reduction hubs, power steering, steering boxes, PTO boxes, brake/clutch systems, hydraulic
units, etc.

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