Morris Liquisafe 46 Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

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Liquisafe 46 Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

Liquisafe 46 is a high quality fire resistant hydraulic fluid blended with high and low molecular weight polyalkylene glycols in a stable water solution. The formulation includes special chemical additives that inhibit the formation of rust in the system, and provide anti-wear properties equal to that of mineral hydraulic oils. This product is compatible with all seals normally found in systems designed for mineral oil, including nitrile, viton, neoprene and silicone rubbers.

The excellent shear stability and high viscosity index make Liquisafe 46 ideal for hydraulic systems subject to long term extremes of temperature and operating conditions. The low pour point of this product gives complete pump protection and smooth operation, even when starting and running equipment at temperatures below -30°C. Liquisafe 46 does not produce toxic fumes if it should accidentally come in contact with hot metals or flames.

ADVANTAGES; Excellent anti-wear performance, superior fire resistance, low toxicity, low pour point, good shear stability, good viscosity index, compatible with standard packings and seals.


Recommended for all hydraulic systems, operating in conditions where the use of a mineral oil would present a fire hazard. Typical uses include: steel mill equipment, casting shop machinery, furnace door closers, die casting machines and underground equipment. Further information on system design and recommendations when changing from petroleum hydraulic oils to LIQUISAFE can be obtained from MORRIS LUBRICANTS, Technical Service Department.

Performance Levels
See technical data sheet.

Fluid Base / Additives:
  • Polyalkylene Glycol
  • 25 Ltr