Morris Versimax HD5 10W-40

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Morris Versimax HD5 10W-40


Versimax HD5 10W-40 is a semi-synthetic high performance diesel engine oil, utilizing performance additive technology to meet API CI-4 and ACEA E7.
Versimax HD5 10W-40 is formulated in semi synthetic base fluids, to improve cold start fluidity and circulation, while also protecting components under severe load, when running at high temperatures. The use of modern additive chemistry ensures engine cleanliness and extended component life.
Versimax HD5 10W-40 has a wide specification profile and can provide inventory rationalisation options for the mixed fleet operator, where any of the performance levels shown below are stated.


Recommended for naturally aspirated and turbo-charged engines in heavy duty commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, plant and agricultural equipment. Versimax HD5 10W-40 is also suitable for most exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) engines and those fitted with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) NOX systems (Adblue).
NOTE: Do not use Versimax HD5 10W-40 in engines with diesel particulate filters (DPF).

Performance Levels
See technical data sheet

  • High Performance
Fluid Base / Additives:
  • Semi-Synthetic
Product Type:
  • Diesel Engine Oil
  • 205 Ltr
  • 25 Ltr