Morris Lodexol SS 80W-140 Semi-Synthetic Gear Oil

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Lodexol SS 80W-140 Semi-Synthetic Gear Oil

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Lodexol SS 80W-140 is a high performance, extreme pressure (EP) semi-synthetic gear oils designed for use in gearboxes, drive axles and other transmission systems. These grades are extremely versatile as they meet a wide range of API GL classifications, enabling grade rationalisation and reduced risk of misapplication. These semi-synthetic based formulations also have extremely good cold start fluidity, ensuring fast circulation around gear systems even when the oil is cold. Additionally, Lodexol SS grades have exceptional high temperature stability, ensuring maximum gear set protection even under the most arduous operating conditions (high speed/high load). These grades also protect against rust and corrosion.

Lodexol SS grades can be used in the following applications, depending on viscosity classification and performance level requirements: manual gearboxes, semi-automatic gearboxes, transaxles, transfer boxes, differentials, axles, reduction hubs, PTO boxes, steering gear, oil lubricated wheel bearings, angle drives, hoist/winch gearboxes, slew gears/rings, track drive gearboxes, track rollers/idlers, etc.
Lodexol SS grades will mix with conventional mineral oils.

Performance Levels
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