Morris Lodexol Ultradrive SAE 80W-90 High Performance Gear Oil

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Lodexol Ultra Drive 80W-90 is a high performance total driveline lubricant designed for the optimum protection of driveline components under arduous and extended oil drain conditions.
This lubricant incorporates the latest available additive system that provides the potential for longer equipment life and fuel economy. Field testing in axle units demonstrated a lower axle running temperature of between 15 – 20oC, providing benefits in terms of lubricant longevity and
deposit control. Additionally, Lodexol Ultra Drive 80W-90 is formulated to protect critical components from wear, pitting and corrosion.
Lodexol Ultra Drive 80W-90 has a wide performance profile that offers fleet operators reduced inventories through rationalisation as well eliminating the risk of misapplication.


Lodexol Ultra Drive 80W-90 can be used in final drives, differential units and manual gearboxes, where the performance levels listed below, are specified.

Performance Levels
See technical data sheet.

  • 25 Ltr