Morris Arcato R 68 Refrigeration Oil

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Morris Arcato R 68

Refrigeration Oil


Arcato R refrigeration oils are designed for use in refrigeration and air conditioning system compressors. The range is manufactured from high quality naphthenic mineral oils, providing the stability and low temperature characteristics necessary for the correct lubrication and operation for this type of equipment.

Arcato R refrigeration oils are manufactured under the most stringent conditions in order to exclude water. This process is vital because even the slightest trace of moisture can cause ice formation in the system, corrosion and decomposition of the refrigerant. The mineral oils used in this range have good natural resistance to the adverse chemical and thermal conditions that exist in refrigeration systems. This is important in preventing the formation of harmful gums, lacquers and sludges on vital working parts of the system. These grades are treated with antifoam additives that prevent the formation of foam in the system. Foaming in refrigeration systems can leave the compressor starved of oil and lead to costly failures.


Recommended for use in all commonly found domestic, commercial, and industrial refrigeration and freezer systems, and all air conditioning systems (except in rare cases where a synthetic oil has been specified). They are compatible with commonly used HCFC, CFC and ammonia refrigerants.

Performance Levels:

Arcato R refrigeration oils meet the requirements of the majority of equipment manufacturers, and can be used for all compressor designs and operating temperatures down –30°C (ISO 68). They fully meet British Standard BS 2626/1975.

Physical Characteristics:

See technical data sheet.

Fluid Base / Additives:
  • Mineral
  • 25 Ltr