Morris Sovereign 1000 Cylinder Oil

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Sovereign Straight Steam Cylinder Oils are refined to give film strength at very high temperatures, providing excellent lubrication where needed to protect bores and valves. These grades are non-compounded, have superior resistance to oxidation and have low deposit forming characteristics under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. They also possess strong demulsification characteristics and therefore separate quickly and cleanly from water. Sovereign Straight Steam Cylinder Oils are non-staining and safe with paintwork and brass.


Sovereign 460 has exceptional demulsification properties and this grade is recommended in lightly loaded engines when steam condensation needs to be recovered. In engines where high temperature superheated steam over 550oF (288oC) is used, the more viscous Sovereign 1000 oil is recommended. Please refer to the selection chart for other applications. Important Note: The Sovereign Range must be used for all steam engines using wet or dry steam, in preference over compounded product if the steam is being recovered, and used as a boiler or process feed. Sovereign Straight Steam Cylinder Oils meet the requirements of British Rail, for locomotive running on their lines, schedule number MT276

  • 25 Ltr