Premier Ease Release

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Premier Ease Release Oil



Premier Ease Release Oil is specially blended, highly versatile, quality neat oil with surfactant which is ideal for use on metal, timber, other formwork materials and coatings. It has been formulated to give an optimum release of formwork and high quality of finish to concrete over a wide range of mix designs.



  • Effective, clean, positive release, reducing labour costs, cleaning time and possible damage to formwork.
  • Assists production of stain free, quality concrete finish.
  • Protects timber forms against ingress of moisture, extending their useful life.
  • Continued use gives progressively better results on timber formwork.
  • Supplied ready to use; economically and easily applied by sprayers or other applicators.








Light brown, Low viscosity liquid.

Specific Gravity

@ 20oC:


Flash Point:




@ 20oC cSt


Freezing Point:



Storage Life:


Indefinite in manufacturer’s sealed containers



Do not dilute; apply uniform coating to cleaned formwork surface avoiding excessive application. Apply as soon as possible after previous cast to give added protection from weather. Use spray equipment, brush, swab, and roller. Any excess should be mopped up. For new ‘unsealed’ timber forms pre-treatment is recommended with a second coat applied prior to use. This will extend the useful life of the form and help to standardize surface absorbency.



25 to 45 m2/litre dependant upon type of form, porosity, texture of surface and ambient temperature.

Product Type:
  • Mould Release Oil
  • 20 Ltr
  • 205 Ltr
  • 5 Ltr

Technical Data Sheet (Premier_Ease_Release_Oil_TDS.pdf, 274 Kb) [Download]

Material Safety Data (PREMIER_EASE_RELEASE_OIL.pdf, 58 Kb) [Download]

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