Morris Lubricants Faracut HS3

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Morris Lubricants Faracut HS3

Semi-Synthetic Neat Cutting Oil


Faracut HS3 is a highly refined cutting oil with special lubricity additives to enhance cutting without the use of Chlorine, Sulphur or Phosphorus. Faracut HS3 gives excellent wetting, cooling and lubricity properties to enhance surface finishes, particularly on non-ferrous alloys, which are also protected against stain and corrosion. The low viscosity of the product gives improved heat transfer away from the cutting zone and hence reduces temperature at the point of cut.


  • Excellent for Machining Magnesium Alloys
  • Superior Heat Transfer Qualities
  • For High Speed Routing and Turning Aluminium Alloys
  • First Class Medium for Grinding Carbide Tipped Tooling
  • Chlorine and Sulphur Free


Faracut HS3 is particularly suited to machining aluminium and its alloys, under high-speed regimes. Also suited to the machining of Magnesium alloys where it should be applied at low pressure with high flood volumes to give good cooling and swarf quenching.

Faracut HS3 is also suitable for grinding tungsten carbide tipped tools where is suppresses the solubilisation of cobalt metal.

Physical Characteristics: See technical data sheet

  • Chlorine Free
  • Phosphorus free
  • Sulphur Free
Fluid Base / Additives:
  • Semi-Synthetic
Product Type:
  • Cutting Oil
  • 25 Ltr
Available Sizes:
FSH025 - 25 Litre