Morris Lubricants Marcia H Neat Honing Oil

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Morris Lubricants Marcia H

Neat Honing Oil


Marcia H is a specialist honing oil containing extreme pressure and lubricity additives that ensure reduced tool wear and improved surface finishes. Specially selected base oils and additives ensure a low misting potential in use, whilst also ensuring excellent flushing of honing stones and excellent swarf separation. Marcia H may also be utilised in a number of light to medium duty applications involving free cutting ferrous alloys.

Note: Marcia H contains active sulfur and may stain yellow metals such as copper and cuprous alloys, particularly at elevated temperatures.


  • Light Viscosity
  • High EP Performance
  • Low Misting
  • High Lubricity
  • Excellent Swarf Flushing & Control
  • Active Sulfur


Honing All materials, excluding copper and cuprous alloys Milling, turning, drilling Low to medium tensile steels and non-ferrous alloys, excluding copper and its alloys

Performance Levels
See technical data sheet.

  • Extreme Pressure
  • High Lubricity
  • Low Mist
  • Low Viscosity
Fluid Base / Additives:
  • Active Sulfur
  • 25 Ltr
Available Sizes:
MAH 025 - 25 Ltr