Morris Marcia T Heavy Duty EP Neat Cutting Oil

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Marcia T Heavy Duty EP Neat Cutting Oil

Contains high levels of extreme pressure and lubricity additives thereby making it suitable for many arduous applications on hardened ferrous metals, high alloy steels and stainless. Despite its high EP loading Marcia T is a light coloured, low odour product, and hence has better operator acceptability than traditional products based on sulphurised fats.
The high levels of EP and lubricity additives ensure increased tool life and improved surface finish even on arduous applications involving hardened steels.

NOTE: Marcia T contains active sulphur and is likely to stain yellow metals i.e. copper and cuprous alloys.

Features / Benefits
• High EP Loading
• Light Colour
• Low Odour
• Good Operator Acceptability
• Active Sulphur
• Improved Tool Life
• Low Misting Tendency

  • 25 Ltr
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