Metal Working Fluids

£95.00 (£114.00 inc VAT)
Suitable for wide range of metals, Based on severely refined mineral oil for optimum health and safety, Contains anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion additives, Mineral, Cutting Oil, 25 Ltr

A light coloured medium viscosity neat cutting oil, designed for general purpose light duty machining operations.

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Grinding Oil, 205 Ltr, 25 Ltr, 5 Ltr
A nitrite-free, mineral oil free grinding fluid incorporating the latest biostable technology.  
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Extreme Pressure, High Lubricity, Cutting Oil, 5 Ltr

A viscous liquid usually applied by the use of squeeze or dripping bottle.

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5 Ltr, 25 Ltr, 205 Ltr
Forms a good stable milky emulsion, even in hard waters up to 400 ppm Ca CO3 hardness.  Good inhibition against corrosion of a wide range of ferrous metals, giving protection to workpiece and machine parts.  Also good resistance to contact corrosion, so workpieces may be stacked without staining taking place. Low staining potential on many non-ferrous metals including copper and its alloys
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£65.50 (£78.60 inc VAT)
Mineral Oil Free, Outstanding oxidation stability, Biodegradable, Vegetable Oil, Cutting Oil, Air Mist Lubricant, 205 Ltr, 25 Ltr, 5 Ltr

Premier Air-Lube is a readily biodegradable product delivered to both tool and work piece in the form of a fine mist, thus optimising cooling capabilities by allowing air to flow freely around the tool.

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£34.95 (£41.94 inc VAT)
Amine Free, Grinding Oil, 25 Ltr, 5 Ltr

Premier Lubricants Grindsol 495 Plus is a completely Amine free grinding fluid that forms a clear fluorescent solution.

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£334.16 (£400.99 inc VAT)
Vegetable Oil, 25 Ltr, 5 Ltr

Terralus AIR-O-LUBE is a pale amber liquid derived from natural vegetable oils blended with performance enhancing additives. It has low toxicity and is readily biodegradable. Terralus AIR-O-LUBE is a specially balanced formulation for use through metered mist air equipment to ensure economical lubricant utilisation and eliminates fluid loss associated with flood coolants. It has a high affinity to metal surfaces giving superior adhesion and on contact, the airborne droplets cling to minimise back scatter.

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£46.39 (£55.67 inc VAT)
Bactericides , Fungicides, Cleaning Fluid, 5 Ltr
SYSTEM OVERHAUL:  Use SUPERCLEAN KD150 SYSTEM CLEANER which is a dark brown viscous liquid with a characteristic odour at levels of 2-3%.  It should be used where a machine tool has become heavily contaminated with sticky tramp oils and/or bacterial slimes or mould growths in sumps, pumps and pipe-work, necessitating a more drastic remedy.
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£99.00 (£118.80 inc VAT)
Outstanding resistance to oxidation, Non active EP additives, Synthetic EP lubricity package, Effective on severe applications, Solvent refined mineral oil, Mineral, Cutting Oil, 205 Ltr, 25 Ltr

A high performance neat cutting oil specifically developed for use on severe applications.                        

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£25.50 (£30.60 inc VAT)
Semi-Synthetic, Cutting Oil, 25 Ltr, 5 Ltr

A translucent green, biostable, micro-emulsion metalworking fluid that offers excellent workpiece visibility and extended sump life. It is non-staining to ferrous and non-ferrous materials which enables it to be used on a wide variety of metals from medium tensile and high carbon steels to cuprous alloys and cast iron. It is particularly suited to modern CNC machning centres. Premiercut GP is ideal

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£7.50 (£9.00 inc VAT)
High Lubricity, Extreme Pressure, Cutting Compound, 500 gm

TDR Paste: A waxy paste usually applied by dipping the tool into the product.  

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Boron Free, Nitrite free, Amine Free, Synthetic formulation, Grinding Oil, 25 Ltr

Hard metals such as tungsten carbide contain significant amounts of Cobalt in their make-up. It has been shown* that if released into the work place, Cobalt poses a health hazard to machine operators. If conventional synthetic grinding fluids are used to grind carbides, Cobalt is automatically released into the fluid and builds up to harmful levels. A specialist product is therefore required to prevent

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£116.00 (£139.20 inc VAT)
Boron Free, Semi-Synthetic, Cutting Oil, 205 Ltr, 25 Ltr

A low oil content semi-synthetic cutting fluid, incorporating the latest in formaldehyde and boron-free technology.

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£100.31 (£120.37 inc VAT)
Low Mist, Non staining, Low Odour, Extreme Pressure, Mineral, Cutting Oil, 25 Ltr, 205 Ltr

Morris Cora B is suited to general machining operations on ferrous metals up to medium tensile steels and non-ferrous metals. The additive system ensures improved surface finish and tool life whilst remaining non-staining to copper and its alloys.

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£12.96 (£15.55 inc VAT)
Extreme Pressure, 500 ml
MCT Lubricants are advanced extreme pressure metal cutting products for all hand applied machining operations, in particular, blind hole tapping and drilling. Extreme pressure properties make them highly effective on difficult materials and work hardening alloys such as stainless, high tensile steels and nimonics.  MCT Lubricants are available in liquid and compound forms to suit users&rsquo
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£32.50 (£39.00 inc VAT)
25 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 205 Ltr

A product developed specifically for metal cutting applications where the lubricant is applied by air-misting.

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